Motionless in White is a metalcore band from Scranton, Pennsylvania which was founded in 2006. Their music is marked of a dark cinematic atmosphere, fast and heavy riffs and the use of synth elements. Even the look of the band got a noticeable gothic / horror style. Labeled from the media as “Horror Metal” their music tells about personal experience, the fortitude of the outcast, social criticism, and fictive myths.


Band members:
Vocals: Chris Motionless
Guitar: Ricky
Bass: Ghost
Guitar: Ryan
Drums: Vinny

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Album: Graveyard Shit
Release date: May 5, 2017.
Label: Roadrunner Records


1. Rats
2. Queen For Queen
3. Necessary Evil (feat. Jonathan Davis of KORN)
4. Soft
5. Untouchable
6. Not My Type: Dead As Fuck 2
7. The Ladder
8. Voices
9. LOUD (Fuck It)
10. 570
11. Hourglass
12. Eternally Yours

My top 3:
Queen For Queen
Eternally Yours



Since Sommer 2016 Motionless In White titillate their fans for their 4th full album “Graveyard Shift” which is also their 1st album published under the label of Roadrunner Records. Some fans were afraid, based on the previously single releases, that Motionless In White will become softer with their new record. For sure it is not as hard as their first records, but fortunately a high degree of hardship don’t make a good album. Actually “Graveyard Shift” is a noticeable improvement compared to the previous album “Reincarnate”. It seems they could finalize an evolution from their second album “Infamous” until now. Every album of MIW sounds quite different while they could keep a significant recognizability character. But this time it sounds like they could bring an especially well composed harmony between recognizability elements and diversity elements.

The first track of the record “Rats” expose a menacing gloomy atmosphere driven by a danceable beat and hard guitar riffs. Even from the lyrics – this song is pure MIW. Next is “Queen For Queen” that keeps the musical style of “Rats”, just a bit harder. The lyrics of the song are about the fight against a hypocritical or cattish character. Actually this topic has been taken up about endless times by MIW. But honestly, who cannot badmouth about hypocritical bitches – so it never gets boring to complain about such persons, highlighted with a blast beat! The next song “Necessary Evil” is featured with Jonathan Davis, better known as the vocalist of KORN. It’s melodious danceable song which deliver a blusterous atmosphere and easy listening experience. Unfortunately the last spark don’t overleap to blast the listener away.

But don’t worry! The 4th song “Soft” isn’t as soft as the name implies. Nothing to say about it, expect open up the pit! MIW provide a further danceable song called “Untouchable”. I’m sure this song will be big fan on their upcoming live shows.

The old MIW hands already know that MIW has a serial song called “Puppet part 1 – 3” from their first album until their third. Yeah, they did it again. But this time we didn’t get a Puppet 4. The 5th song is called “Not My Type: Dead As Fuck 2” which is the sequel of “Dead As Fuck” from “Reincarnate”. A cinematic song about a necrophilia romantic relationship between Chris and the Queen of the Dead.

Perfect for sing along. “The Ladder” is an angry uptempo song which is much harder than the last songs since “Soft”. The next song called “Voices” as such a catchy tune. I promise you: once listened you don’t get it out of your head. One of the singe releases follows. “LOUD (Fuck it!)” is wicked Nu-Metal anthem. A song about to persevere against the odds and stay crass!

The second single release follows. “570” was already released in June 2016 as stand-alone single. This song is dedicated the career and the 10th anniversary of MIW. It’s a massive metal hymn which shines out as one of the best songs from the album and even the whole discography of MIW. I’m sure this song will be a continuous burner on all MIW live shows to come.

Unfortunately the following song “Hourglass” disappears between “570” and the last song “Eternally Yours”. Actually it’s a pretty cool song with an emotional and militant atmosphere and many exciting elements in a harmonic composition. But between these two extraordinary songs “Hourglass” disappears. “Graveyard Shift” ends with a great compo of an emotional ballad and aggressive metalcore tune. The song called “Eternally Yours”, as I already mentioned, and it’s the third single release. The album already starts on a great level and ends even better.

In conclusion, Graveyard Shift actually hasn’t any really bad song. It’s much more danceable and trendy as their previous records. But they don’t lost anything expect the authentic trash in their “Horror Metal” sound. Yeah, also MIW grown up over the last years. People who prefer their previous harder metalcore tunes may have some fear of contact with “Graveyard Shift”. Nevertheless I’m sure the huge potential for the upcoming live shows will convince the most of them.

Words by PHILLIP


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