[REVIEW] VOLUMES // Different Animals

VOLUMES is an American band signed on Fearless Records.

People add them in Metalcore category, but to be honest, they’re uncategorized to me. Whether you like hardish sounds or more hip hop feels, you’ll find all of it in VOLUMES.


Current members:
Vocals/rap: Gus Farias
Vocals: Myke Terry
Lead guitar: Diego Farias
Bass: Raad Soudani
Drums: Nick Ursich


Album: Different Animals
Release date: June 9, 2017.
Label: Fearless Records


1. Waves Control
2. Finite
3. Feels Good
4. Disaster Vehicle
5. Pieces
6. Interlude
7. Hope
8. Tide’s change
9. On Her Mind (featuring Pouya)
10. Heavy Silence
11. Pullin’Shades
12. Left For Dead

My top 3:
On Her Mind

Actually, it’s difficult to chose, i love all tracks.



Those guys gave me goosebumps few weeks ago with that release, i NEEDED to write something about it! I was waiting for “Different Animals” since months and i’m not disapointed at all, my ears are in heaven!

I can’t review track by track, it’s like listening to a different band on each song, this is why I enjoy this album so much!

Obviously, some of you will be disapointed (haters gonna hate), this is a sure thing. I loved “Via” as much we all did (“Edge of the Earth”, no need to talk about this one, a classic) BUT, this new album is a “Different” world. The arrival of Mike Terry made the change, clearly.

There are always people complaining when a singer leaves and when another arrives, even if Michael and Mike have their own good points, there is no comparison, VOLUMES is evolving.

Mike showed up in “Feels Good” last year (June 2016), with the chorus that everybody knows (this song made my days in my car last summer for real).

Few months later (February 2017), another bomb was dropped with “On Her Mind” (featuring Pouya, a rapper from Miami), that bass line!!!

Followed by “Left For Dead” (April 2017) in a more aggressive way.

To promote this new album, “Finite” music video has been released on June 9, 2017.

In one year, they produced 4 music videos and if you listen to all of them, well…There is almost no link between them all.

That’s what “Different Animals” is about, we’re not talking about musical “coherence” here but the energy, the energy that VOLUMES brings in every song and it “feels good”.

That “hip hop” vibe is everywhere and i love this. I’m getting sick about this Metal VS Rap fight since decades, can we just stop? As i’m listenning to rap music since more than 18 years, VOLUMES is the middle ground I was expecting to emerge one day. A perfect mixture.

Gus is probably, the only guy i know in this industry who screams and raps at the same time. His skills grew up and it’s a pleasure to listen to him. We’re finally able to hear his clean rap on “Hope”.

In my opinion Mike brought new influences, for that reason VOLUMES was able to reach another level and a new audience for sure with “Different Animals”, all that successfully.

To summarize…Just buy it and get the energy you deserve!!

I’m looking forward to VOLUMES next european tour, i’ll be there, again, definitely.

Words by GLORIA


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