[REVIEW] Emma Blackery // Magnetised

Emma Blackery is a british singer-songwriter and youtuber from Essex. From the age of 18, she started singing for local bands, and later on, began her Youtube solo career.

The channel Blackery made in 2012 to promote her music took an unexpected turn when she gained a lot of attention with one of her comedy videos, so she moved her main focus to that area and became a full-time comedy youtuber.

However, during the years, Blackery focused more and more on her music career again, which started growing steadily, and is still in the lift.

She now has her own Vevo channel, and recently reached a massive milestone by playing a closing date for her new EP’s tour in London’s Shepard’s bush.



Reviewed record: Magnetised EP
Release date: May 26, 2017.


1. Nothing Without You
2. Fixation
3. Magnetised
4. Instead
5. Don’t Come Home
6. Human Behaviour



Emma Blackery is known for her Paramore-esque style, and from the first song on this EP, “Nothing Without You”, she makes this clear.
However, Blackery puts a very original and new spin on the genre, with lyrics that are meaningful, yet catchy and cheery. After listening to it a couple of times, you’ll defiantly be singing this all day.

The next song, “Fixation”, takes on a slower and more emotional pace, both in lyrics and music. As the climax of the song nears, Blackery proves that she has a strong and moving singing voice that matches her lyrics very well.

“Magnetised”, the title track, continues the slow pace, but keeps the EP interesting with the introduction of a more electronic instrumentation and a beautiful piano base.

“Instead” then is a bit more of an orchestral song. It is very interesting to hear this version, since Blackery previously released an acoustic version on her second channel “Vloggery”. The EP version sounds a lot more whole and seems to bring out the emotion of the lyrics better.

She also released the next song, “Don’t Come Home”, as a more basic version on her channel before the EP release on her channel. The massive change of this track surprised me the most. It has a lot more energy, and like “Nothing Without You”, it is a very catchy tune. Even though the original version has a bit more feeling to it, I actually like the EP version better, because it gives you a massive urge to scream the lyrics with her.

The closing track, “Human Behaviour”, is again more acoustic and slow.
To me, the music itself is not that interesting, but because of the beautiful lyrics, you don’t really realise it. It is a moving, motivating and fantastic end for the EP.

Overall, the EP varies a lot in genre, which keeps it interesting. And the lyrics that all deal with emotion and love connect the songs in a very fluent way.
I love listening to it and think that this is her best and most original EP so far.

Words by EVELIEN


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