[REVIEW] Spectral Lore & Nachtreich // The Quivering Lights

Spectral Lore is an atmospheric, experimental black metal project. This project was launched in 2005 of a one-man-band from Athens, Greece. His lyrical themes are about the cosmos, nature and philosophy.

Spectral Lore Alyoss

Band members:
Mastermind: Ayloss


Nachtreich is an instrumental 2-man band which were formed 2003 in Germany. Their music is a combination of black metal and classical orchestration served in a dark romantic atmosphere


Band members:
P.H. & U.K.


Reviewed record: Split LP
Release date: December 17, 2014
Label: Bindrune Records

The Quivering Lights

1. Lights (Nachtreich)
2. Quivering (Spectral Lore)
3. Greyness (Nachtreich)
4. Ghost Lights (Nachtreich)
5. Vanishing (Spectral Lore)
6. Reflection (Spectral Lore)

My Top 3:
The whole work as one



Three master minds of atmospheric music joined up for one special split LP. The two guys of Nachtreich and the infamous Spectral Lore released their corporate LP The Quivering Lights. In these review, I cannot go from song to song, cause the Quivering Lights is one wide and beautiful musical-journey. The LP is almost completely instrumental expect the song Ghost Lights by Spectral Lore where you can listen to a beautiful and sad piece of poetry.

The LP starts with a light and tender song played by violin and piano with an epic final part where the electronic guitar and drums set in. During the first three songs, the atmosphere becomes more and more depressing, menacing and dramatical faster. Continuing with the “Ghost Lights” you may retrieve yourself in the bottom of sadness and dark thoughts.

The album constantly changes between epical Black Metal parts and minimalist acoustic parts. It’s an up and down like an interplay of despaired chaos and sad moments of rest. So, the album doesn’t get monotonous on any point. After you experience a vortex of dark tunes the LP slowly fades out with a calm acoustic guitar.

The Quivering Lights unites gentle acoustic tunes with menacing Black Metal, well composed in a dark harmony. Close your eyes and join the journey through a beautiful darkness.

Words by PHILLIP


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