[REVIEW] dodie // Intertwined

Dodie Clark, know under the artist name “dodie”, is a British singer-songwriter known for her covers and original songs on youtube, usually accompanied by a ukulele or piano and clever lyrics.

From 2011, she has posted songs and artsy videos on her channel “doddleoddle“.
She is also known for her contributions to awareness for mental health issues and the LGBT community.

In November 2016, Dodie released her first EP “Intertwined “as an independent artist. Even though she’s not signed, the EP peaked on number 35 in the Itunes charts.

Apart from being a musician, Dodie is also a writer. She writes poems and short stories on her Instagram and will release a book about her own life experiences on the 2nd of November 2017. It will be called “Secrets for the mad”.


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Reviewed record: Intertwined EP
Release date: November 18, 2016.


1. Intertwined
2. I have a hole in my tooth and my dentist is shut
3. Absolutely smitten
4. Life lesson
5. Sick of losing soulmates
6. When (live)



Dodie Clark’s first and self-released EP is a wonderfully balanced mixture of poetry, cheery love songs, life lessons and live music.
Dodie takes you on a journey of her mind, amazingly expressed by different types of musical arrangements (piano, guitar, ukulele, recorder, cello,…) in both emotional and exciting indie-songs.
But the biggest strength of this EP is definitely the lyrics.
It’s really interesting to hear that she matches her themes with how complex the lyrics are.

In songs like “Intertwined” and “Sick of losing soulmates”, which talk about heavier themes like depression and abusive relationships, the text has a very thought-through structure with metaphors and word play.

Cheery songs like “Absolutely Smitten” have quicker and easier lyrics to express the innocence of love.

The subjects of the EP are also translated in a beautiful, emotional way that can raise a lot of awareness for mental health issues and at the same time give you a great listening experience.

Listening the EP is very addictive because the power of every song will leave you hungry for more. Luckily, Dodie will release a new EP “You” on the 11th of August, which you can pre-order on her website. One of the tracks, “6/10”, is already available on Spotify.

Also, if you want a more in-depth analysis of the song “Intertwined”, Dodie made a video of her explaining the song:

Words by EVELIEN


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